Can I Drink Beet Juice While Taking Blood Pressure Medication?

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Beet is a root vegetable and comes with various health benefits. Beet is a natural gift in winter as it has miraculous benefits for human health. Medical research shows that beet juice has chemicals and nutrients that help in regulating good blood flow and help in lowering blood pressure. In addition, hypertension sufferers can benefit significantly from beet juice.

Queen Mary University of London research suggests that one can lower their high blood pressure by drinking 250ml of glass beet juice daily. In this research, sixty-four volunteers participated, and the results showed that drinking beet juice regularly did not have any side effects and significantly reduced high blood pressure.

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Benefits Of Beet Juice

Beet juice is rich in essential nutrients and plays a vital role in maintaining good human health. Several vitamins (B9, C), iron, proteins, nitrates and fibre in beets are essential for the human body. 

Here Are Some Key Benefits Of Drinking Beet Juice

  • It helps in reducing the blood pressure 
  • Improves blood regulation
  • Protect heart and liver from diseases 
  • Prevent the cancer 
  • Excellent source of Important Nutrients
  • Improves Stamina 
  • Fight against the Inflammation 

How Beet Juice Helps To Reduce The Blood Pressure

Beet juice, along with several essential nutrients, contains chemicals that boost the level of active nitrite and nitric oxide in the human body that, help reduce blood pressure. An essential function of nitric oxide in the blood vessels is improving blood pressure regulation and effectively decreasing blood pressure. 

Dr Shannon, the senior research advisor for the British Heart Foundation, states that beet juice can effectively lower blood pressure. A study conducted at QMUL involving 64 volunteers found that beet juice significantly reduced blood pressure in patients without hypertension medications. 

The juice of beets is an excellent way to control blood pressure if you don’t want to take medicine and want to control your blood pressure naturally. Vegetables and other natural sources are considered far more effective for treating diseases like hypertension than pills prescribed by doctors. 

Beet Juice And Blood Pressure: Is It Safe To Drink Beet Juice On A Blood Pressure Medicine?

One of the frequently asked questions is can I drink beet juice while taking blood pressure medication? Drinking beet juice frequently can help you get rid of hypertension medications, so the answer is Yes. 

There is no side effect in medical research for drinking beet juice along with blood pressure medications. However, taking beet juice with blood pressure medications can lower your blood pressure. Therefore, if beet juice helps reduce your blood pressure, you can stop taking hypertension medication. 

How To Make Beet Juice For High Blood Pressure?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions: there is no particular recipe for beet juice for high blood pressure. Extract the juice from red beets according to your needs. In order to make beet juice taste better, you can add some carrots to it. Beets are a little bitter, so carrots make the juice taste better. 

Beets are a healthy source of nitrate for people who want to increase their daily intake of nitrate to improve their blood regulation. However, if you take the beets in a solid, try to avoid boiling beets before eating, as water dissolves nitrate. In addition, subtracting nitrates from the beets will not benefit you in lowering blood pressure.   

Final Verdict 

Billions of people around the world are suffering from high blood pressure, which is one of the most alarming risk factors for human health. Initially, blood pressure has no severe symptoms but gradually has led towards a devastating health condition. Hypertension is the leading cause of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. 

Beet juice is a great gift of nature in winter for those suffering from high blood pressure. There is no side effects of taking beet juice, so one can drink beet juice while taking blood pressure medication. Daily consumption of one glass of beet juice will prevent you from hypertension. This juice is especially for people who need non-medical ways to control their high blood pressure. 

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