Orthodontist Vs Endodontist: Who’s The Best For Your Tooth?

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Teeth play a significant role in our lives, and healthy teeth greatly impact our overall health and well-being. Teeth help us talk comfortably and play an essential role in maintaining our face shape and beauty. They also allow us to eat and enjoy the food properly. Healthy teeth are also beneficial for the digestion process, and they protect us from a variety of diseases (Stomach disorders, Cancer, Dementia). 

In order to maintain good teeth health, getting a dental checkup twice a year is imperative. Some people often need clarification about different branches of dentistry as they need to know to whom they should go for a dental checkup or when. Depending on specialization and training, dentistry is classified into Endodontics and Orthodontics. 

This article provides a basic understanding of the differences between an Endodontist and an Orthodontist and which would be most suitable for you according to your teeth condition.

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Difference Between A Dentist, Orthodontist And Endodontist


A Dentist is a medical doctor who cares for your oral health care. Everyone is familiar with dentists and has visited them many times throughout their lives. Dentists mostly deal with the general problems of the teeth. They mainly deal with cleaning and oral checkups. However, they would recommend you to an orthodontist or endodontist if you are suffering from a severe tooth condition. 

Dentists are needed when you have to clean your yellowish teeth, or your teeth get cavities. Some people have a family dentist as they help them learn how to maintain good oral health and recommend a dental specialist if needed. 

People often confuse the difference between a dentist and an Orthodontist. Both of these professionals have graduated from dental colleges. Dentists deal with the general problems of the teeth, and orthodontists, with some extra education and training, specialize in teeth alignment and reshaping. In detail, we will discuss the role of an Orthodontist in the next part. 


An orthodontist is a medical person responsible for teeth alignment and other oral structural issues. According to medical experts, every person should visit an orthodontist for their children’s examination when their children are under 10. They do so because if your children have a problem regarding the misalignment of teeth or jaw, the Orthodontist will diagnose the problem and suggest a possible treatment before it becomes a severe health issue.

An orthodontist specializes in treating the structural irregularities of the teeth. Typically, you come to know about an orthodontist when your teeth need braces to maintain their position and size. 

An Orthodontist is highly expert in the following 

  • Braces (to fix teeth and jaw alignment) 
  • Crooked Jaw 
  • Misaligned Teeth and bite 
  • Overcrowding 

Although the time taken by the treatment of an orthodontist is comparatively longer than other oral treatments, it takes orthodontists a long time to correct the misalignment of your teeth and jaws. Still, as a result, you will get a good result through balanced teeth and jaws. 

An orthodontist helps you to deal with the complications of the teeth and jaws, but sometimes these complications lead to other medical issues. In this situation, consult with your general dentist, who will recommend you consult an endodontist. 


People mostly compare “Orthodontist vs Endodontist”, but the thing is, both of them specialize in oral health care in their specific domains. So if we compare an endodontist with a general dentist, an endodontist has more advanced education than a dentist. 

An endodontist has additional specialization education (2 or 3 years) after graduation from dental school. After graduating from the school of dentistry, the endodontist undergoes additional training and courses under the supervision of professional and well-trained specialists. 

Endodontists specialize in dealing with dental pulp, the internal structure of the jaws and the teeth. In addition, they deal with root canal treatments that a dentist or an orthodontist does not treat. Endodontists have expertise in diagnosing the underlying cause of unknown pain relevant to oral health. They also give you the possible treatment pertinent to your issue. Moreover, endodontists use advanced “Cutting Edge Technologies” and make your treatment more effective and reliable.

Orthodontist Vs Endodontist: How Do You Choose The Right Specialist?                    

It is common to find people comparing Orthodontists vs Endodontists and conflating their specialities. First, It is better to consult your family dentist if you are experiencing oral health problems. Then, after examination, if it is a severe problem, your dentist will guide you on whether you should visit an orthodontist or an endodontist. 

You can fix your appointment directly with an orthodontist or an endodontist if you know about your problem and which better suits your needs. For example, if you’re suffering from a misalignment issue of the jaw and the teeth, you should visit an orthodontist. In contrast, you should consult an endodontist if you have a tooth injury or root canal complications.

Final Verdict

It is very beneficial to maintain good oral health. The teeth play an essential role in chewing our food and maintaining the shape of our faces. According to medical experts, every person should visit a dental specialist twice a year to maintain good oral health. In the event of a problem beyond cavities or a simple tooth problem, never hesitate to consult with an orthodontist or an endodontist based on your medical condition. 

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