Top 4 Worth Knowing Walk-in Clinics In Dartmouth

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Health is humankind’s top priority. It’s said that if you’re healthy, you can do anything. But not everyone stays healthy all the time, and sometimes we get sick from bacterial and viral infections.

 Sometimes accidental injuries may occur, but regular check-ups are necessary to stay healthy beyond all this. That’s why going to clinics and hospitals is also a part of our life. But with the increasing population, walk-in clinics are also needed today.

If you are a resident of Dartmouth and looking for the best walk-in clinic in Dartmouth, then we are here to help you. Although there are many walk-in clinics, we have listed the top 4 walk-in clinics in Dartmouth that are best to visit. Read this article thoroughly to decide which one to see based on your need and location.

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1. Family Focus Medical Walk-in Clinic, Dartmouth

The family-focused medical walk-in clinic has emergency rooms so that you can wait in case of an emergency. The staff helps you if you don’t have a family doctor or have to see your family doctor. Many places also have separate practices for the family.

This walk-in clinic’s main aim is not to waste hours of patients getting just a minor medical treatment, with no other choice. Family-focused medical clinics can deal with all types of medical treatment from minor to chronic infections. If you need any urgent treatment, you must visit this clinic for friendly treatment.

Checks-in Hours:

  • Monday- Friday   8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  •                                1:00 PM – 4:30 PM (second shift)
  • Saturday – Sunday   11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Contact info


  • 240 Baker Drive, Suite 201 (above Lawtons), Dartmouth, NS B2W 6L4

2. Montebello walk-in clinic, Dartmouth 

Montebello Medical Clinic has experience in treating patients with research-based knowledge. The clinic provides patients with personalized medical treatment. As family physicians offer treatment based on physical care, they also pay heed to patients’ mental health.   

 Moreover,  patients here get treatment based on shared knowledge from most specialized doctors. The primary concern of this clinic is to provide a walk-in clinic environment in Dartmouth. 

The best part?

The most appreciated thing in the clinic is the patient-centred approach to handle free to ask questions. You can get all types of treatment such as diabetes, child health, adult health, skin care, foot care, and mental health treatments from this prestigious clinic.

Check-in hours

  • Monday – Friday  10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday: closed.

Contact info


  • 249 Waverley Road Dartmouth, NS B2X 2C5 Canada

3. Albro Lake medical walk-in Clinic, Dartmouth

Are you looking for a patient-friendly and comfortable walk-in clinic at Dartmouth NS? Then, the Albro Medical Clinic is the best choice for you. The clinic has the collaboration of many family doctors who provide you with mind-focused treatment. 

In this walk-in clinic, you will get a patient-centred consultation. Here the doctors have collaborated to provide you with the best health care environment and quality treatment. Moreover, you will get not only just treatment but also you will get proper support to decide about your health treatment.

 The doctors make sure to provide all kinds of treatment, either severe or acute.

The doctors are so friendly that they listen to the patient entirely before giving any suggestion; situated in nova scotia, working under a collaborative team of doctors, the clinic aims to provide friendly consultation before starting proper treatment.

Check-in hours

  • Monday – Friday  10:00 AM – 2 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM- 12 PM
  • Sunday: closed

Contact info


  • 6 Primrose St Dartmouth, NS B3A 4C5 Canada

4. Tacoma family walk-in clinic, Dartmouth

Tacoma family walk-in clinic is also amongst the most trustable walk-in clinics. The clinic has a pharmacy to provide people with all the health facilities inside. Doctors and staff are easy to talk to and offer you treatment within your comfort zone. 

The Tacoma Family Medical Centre, located next to Sobeys, is another recent addition to the Dartmouth neighbourhood. As it is situated at one convenient location, the patients find it easy to go if they need to seek any emergency treatment. 

Sometimes, you have to wait for more than the given time, but it is compensated by quality treatment. Walk-in clinics are today’s norm; that is why Tacoma Clinic has ensured to provide clean and comfortable surroundings. It appears that these walks at family clinics are increasingly popular, and perhaps to relieve the burden away from our crowded hospitals.

Check-in hours

  • Monday – Thursday  9 AM:8PM
  • Friday: 9 AM:5 PM
  • Saturday:10 AM: 3 pm
  • Sunday: closed

Contact info


  • 70 Tacoma Drive Suite 101 Dartmouth, NS B2W 3Y6 Canada

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