Best Sexual Health Clinic in Halifax

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Sexuality is something to be praised, not criticized. We should discuss the benefits and delights of sexual connections and their risks. Our sexuality influences all that we do, and everything influences our sexuality.

As a matter of fact, the same applies to spirituality, which is most profoundly significant to us. We can deny both. But banning them doesn’t mean they are not both alive in each breath and heartbeat of life.

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Halifax Sexual Health Clinic

Halifax sexual health center (HSHC) has been serving the people wholeheartedly since 1970. However, the clinic’s primary goal is to overhaul and upgrade the sexual health of all individuals of our community by giving quality consideration and benefits, empowering clients to settle on healthy decisions.

Most importantly, whatever happens in the clinic will remain inside the clinic. Halifax sexual health clinic will not impart your data to your companion in case you say so yourself.

It makes an additional attempt to serve the necessities of individuals who self-identify as gay, lesbian, hermaphrodite, unisex. All individuals merit equal treatment, regardless of their sex, personality, or sexuality.

Final verdict

Halifax sexual health center services include STI testing, anonymous HIV testing, pregnancy testing, and gender-affirming health. In addition, it provides free condoms and lube, and most importantly, it gives sexual health education.

You can call the clinic for any questions and queries. As a result of the current covid pandemic, HSHC will organize requested consultations as in-person or tele-visit.

Meanwhile, note that evening centers are accessible when HSHC has a specialist working the evening shift; otherwise, the closing time is 5:00 PM.

Working Hours

  • Monday:      9 Am – 5 PM
  • Tuesday:      9 AM – 8 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM – 8 PM
  • Thursday:     9 AM – 8 PM
  • Friday:          9 AM – 5 PM

Contact info

Phone:  902-455-9656

Fax: 902-429-3853


  • Halifax Sexual Health Centre 7071 Bayers Rd, Suite 302 Halifax NS   B3L 2C2
  • TD entrance is the best entrance to use, which is on the 2nd floor of Starlite Gallery, near Bridge World.

Bottom Line

The walk-in clinic in Halifax, Nava Scotia is provides magnificent facilities to the patients. We took care of our business, so presently it’s your choice to choose best for yourself and how solid you need to be later on.

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