Most Visited Walk-in Clinic Medicine Hat

The healthcare system in Medicine Hat strives hard to become Canada’s premier healthcare provider. Therefore, Various walk-in clinics in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada work together to deliver the patients world-class health facilities at an affordable fee.

The best news?

The medical clinic in Medicine Hat, Alberta has proven its worth in the medical field. So you can say that the town is on its way to becoming one of Canada’s largest health service providers.

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Best Walk-in Clinics in Medicine Hat

We have listed the best walk-in clinics in Medicine Hat with their complete contact information about this clinic.

1. Act Medical Centers

Act medical clinic is leading in the medical field as it has skill and expertise in treating patients suffering from chronic pain, opioid use disorder, and mental health concerns. The most appreciating factor is that doctors will never give you immediate treatment. In fact, first, they assess your health problem entirely and then prescribe you treatment. So that treatment can be aligned according to your medical history.

Final verdict

You do not require a referral to begin your treatment. However, that they do accept referral clients.


  • 402 Maple Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 0L3

Contact info

2. Vista Park Medical Clinic 

Vista park walk-in clinic in Medicine Hart, Alberta is offering family medical care to help your loved ones in the days of pandemics. The clinic is well equipped with surgical rooms, six oversized examination rooms, and a primary reception area. Furthermore, to treat diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and chronic illness, they also own a nurse medical care center.

Above all, their patients are happy and satisfied with their deep consultations and sincere services.

Final verdict

They offer vaccination for the flu once a year.

Walk in hours

  • Mon- Fri: 8:00am-12:00 noon
  • Mon- Fri: 12:30pm-5:00pm ( afternoon)


  • 450 Vista Drive SE Medicine Hat, Alberta T1B 0S3

Contact info

3. Crescent Heights Family Medical Clinic

The Crescent Heights Walk-in Clinic provides occasional medical services to the public seven days a week. Their sympathetic experts will treat your illnesses successfully to start you on the route to improved health. Currently, they are providing treatments for skin rashes, colds, coughs, strains, ear injuries, broken bones, open wounds, and eye injuries.

Final verdict

When you feel weather pressure, visit the crescent heights Medicine Hat clinic. Because their compassionate physicians will efficiently treat your illnesses, to lead you to better health.


  • 49 8th Street NW Medicine Hat T1A 6N9

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We have provided you enough information about walk-in clinics in Medicine Hart. This is because we want you to take care of your health by regular visits to clinics so you can live a healthy and peaceful life.

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