Top 3 Urgent Care In Kamloops, Canada

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Kamloops is located in the South Central part of British Columbia, Canada. It is called the tournament capital of Canada. Moreover, Kamloops are desirable and attractive to live in with absolute climatic conditions. 

However, it is considered a rural city, but there is an excellent development seen in its health and education sector. Furthermore, they are working to enhance the health condition of the city. 

May you have heard the name of the walk-in clinic? 

A Walk-in clinic is a type of clinic that provides treatment to patients without an appointment. 

Moreover, Urgent care in Kamloops plays a great role in providing quality care services to people. 

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Best And Reasonable Urgent Care In Kamloops

Kamloops urgent care clinics are working 24/7 to facilitate people with quality treatment. But the thing is that there are many urgent care clinics in Kamloops, and you don’t know which one is best. However, You don’t need to worry anymore; here is the guide of the three best urgent care in Kamloops. 

1. iMedicine Canada Urgent Care

Medicine urgent care is working to provide excellent health care to the patients. Moreover, it is the quickest way to connect yourself with physicians and specialists. 

However, they facilitate you with medication reviews and pharmacy facilities. 

Along with this, the services include general healthcare check-ups, emergency services, diabetic clinics, and many more. 

Final Verdict

You can book an appointment anytime by visiting the website. 

Working Hours

  • Mon to fri: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Sat and Sun: closed

Contact Info


  • 1967 Trans-Canada Highway Kamloops, BC V2C 4A4Canada

2. Steps Clinic Urgent Care 

The aim of urgent care is to provide high-tech health facilities with the best possible disease cure treatment. Moreover, it is one of the finest urgent care located in Kamloops. Basically, they are trying to set an exemplary model of the healthcare system in society.

The services include common family practice, women’s and children’s unique health care, associated healthcare providers, trans care, and many more. 

Final Verdict

The team comprises physicians, nurses, specialized doctors, and well-trained staff. Furthermore, they have collaborated with many organizations to improve the condition of health care in society.  

Working Hours

  • Mon to Fri: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 
  • Sat and Sun: closed

Contact Info


  • 102-3200 Valleyview Drive, Kamloops BC, V2C 4S2

3. Kamloops Primary Care Clinic

They manage their clinic by providing various choices to help you handle and maintain your health in a well-organized way. Basically, it is an organization that includes various things such as community partners, caregivers, foundations, aboriginal peoples, families, communities, and volunteers. 

Moreover, services are disease outbreaks, kidney healthcare, natural disasters, emergency situations, immunization and vaccines, mental health, and many more. 

Final Verdict

It is a big organization working to enhance the community healthcare levels. Moreover, you can visit at anytime suitable to you, but it is better to make an appointment first. 

Working Hours

  • Mon to fri: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Sat and Sun: closed


  • 5-910 Columbia St W, Kamloops, BC V2C 1L2

Contact Info


Through these urgent care in Kamloops, you will get the desired treatment and care needed. Furthermore, now there is no need to wait for your turn; get an appointment, and the doctor will see you.

Urgent care health care centers are considered perfect for minor treatments and emergency situations. However, there is no restriction to visit for a general check-up.

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