Best Food Processor To Buy in Canada

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As tedious and frustrating as cooking can be, it requires stamina and persistence.

You’re asking… I can hear you…

Is it possible to prepare delicious food in the kitchen without getting exhausted?  

Yes, it’s! Thanks to the food processor,  you can crush, grind, mix, chop or cut whatever you want. It will reduce your workload, and it is effortless to use. 

The best part?

It makes the tricky recipes easy and simple. However, we can save our precious time by using it as in the present situation no one has plenty of time to spend in the kitchen. However, the question is, there are several best food processors available in the market; which is the best?

If this is your concern, this guide has something to offer you. In today’s guide, we’re talking about the best food processors in Canada that are high-quality yet affordable. 

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Things To Consider Before Buying a Food Processor in Canada beginners guide

You might, what things do you need to consider before buying a food processor in Canada? Well, there are several factors you need to consider while buying a good food processor in Canada. So, let’s get started.

1. Sufficient Capacity

The size of the food processor matters a lot, and it is available in all sizes ranging from small to large cups. It would help if you chose according to the people in your home for which you have to cook daily. An 11-cup capacity processor is an average type that anybody can take for their home. For instance, a family of five can have a maximum of 10 cups.  

2. Various Blades

A good food processor comprises various blades for performing diverse functions like mixing, crushing, or grinding. You need to see its blade type quality and endurance.  

3. Power Potential

There is a thing called doughing that needs high power to work. You have to see that the machine you are going to buy can do sturdy work like doughing. If it cannot maintain a specific voltage and power, then cauterization can be done. Primary functions such as crushing and grinding do not require too much power potential. To avoid harmful things, 700 watts of power potential would be sufficient to perform sturdy functions. So you must see this thing before buying any food processor.  

4. Features and Execution 

Food processors usually consist of one food motor with a tiny aperture at the top that permits you to add other elements. There is a connection that inserts into the tube and aids in bolstering prominent aspects. It secures your fingers by providing a lid. This type of food processor is perfect and acceptable.  

The execution of food processors seems to be significant depending upon their strength. It is best to choose the machine that possesses a pulse switch for providing little explodes of power. A delicate light touch is present to maintain balance and control, which is simple to wipe.  

Top 10 Food Processors To Choose In Canada in 2022

Here is a list of the top 10 food processors that can be easily available in Canada.

10. Cuisinart SFP-13 Stainless Steel Food Processor– Best Food Processor To Buy in Canada

Are you looking for a food processor that will stay in your kitchen for a long time? That’s where Cuisinart SFP comes into the picture. It is trendy as it comes in the list of top food processors because of its fabulous features. 

Key Features 

It possesses a big 14-cup bowl and chaste steel blades. However, it can perform various tasks like dicing vegetables and mixing all stuff. Furthermore, it has a stainless-steel disc of approx: 4 mm, pushers, a dishwasher, and a dough scraper. The motor power of Cuisinart is 270 watts with a guarantee of 5 years.  

What’s the best part?

It is best for mixing and cutting as it has a perfect bowl size. 

  • It provides the tallest pieces with uniformity. 
  • The cleaning process is very simple 
  • No escaping of material outside because fix seal is here 
  • Heavy-weight and firmly constructed. 
  • People get irritated with its security locking process.  
  • People face problems dealing with it because it is a giant-size machine.  

Final Verdict

It is a classical kitchen utensil that fulfills all food processing requirements. It will not just save your time but keeps you engaged in the kitchen as it reduces your workload. Buy it now so you won’t regret it later.  

9. Hamilton-Beach Stack & Snap– Best Food Processor To Buy in Canada

If you are looking for a reasonable food processor that works perfectly, then the Hamilton-Beach is an excellent choice for you. It’s an easy-to-use utensil that does mixing and chopping, and wipe-out is quite simple.  

Key Features 

It processes the food with a simple stack and snaps assemblage and essential action guide that demonstrates the uses of parts. The dexterous chaste steel S-blade minces, blends, and disc scraps on one side and pieces on the opposite side. However, it has a power potential of 500 watts, so it can perform tough jobs also like beating dough. The largemouth suckle tube dwindles, slicing for time-saving.  

What’s the best part?

This food processor is the most straightforward assembly as you can drag its bowl, which permits all the food to be adequately chopped

  • The capacity of 12 cup bowl 
  • Blades of many types such as dough blade and cutting blade 
  • Get natural chopped ingredients in a single step 
  • Made in oil dispenser 
  • No specific comparison with top food processors. 
  • A little bit of a dull look.  

Final Verdict 

It is a perfectly designed appliance for food processing and a great addition to your kitchen. Moreover, it is made in such a way that using it is no more complicated. Choose this for your kitchen as it is a healthy choice for all your needs.  

8. Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor– Best Food Processor To Buy in Canada

If you desire to work as a chef in your kitchen, you need a ninja bn601 food processor, a first-rate costly food processor to shape all your kitchen activities like a breeze.  

Key Features 

It is one of the top-quality food processors of an excellent standard. In addition to this, it has a power potential of 1000 watts and a capacity of around 9 cups to bear. It also has clear-cut chopping and mixing materials as it has a dough blade and chopping blade. A unique quality is that it is very light-weighted and can be moved by anyone. There are two speed and pulse maintaining buttons, ensuring that you will get your desired results.   

What’s the best part? 

It works reasonably well as a blender in comparison to other food processors. 

  • Possess 4 pre-determined programs. 
  • Power-potential is excellent 
  • Possess a dough beater fitment 
  • You might find it with low guarantee period

Final Verdict 

The ninja bn601 professional food processor reduces all the efforts from cooking. With predetermined tasks, various settings, control choices, and magnificent endurance, this top-quality food processor will be your helping hand. 

7. Breville Chef Food Processor– Best Mini Food Processor in Canada

Cooking meals was never easy as it required energy and time, but you will be amazed to hear that we have a fantastic machine for you which will not just save your time but energy too. Whether it is to chop or mix, the Brevil food processor is here for you.  

Key Features

It has three feed slide options and a flexible slider. However, the S-blade is so sharp for constant cutting, mixing, and refining materials. The presence of a changeable cutting disc allows it to process efficiently with 24 thickness settings. It has a 1-year warranty with a 10-cup capacity. The power potential and voltage are 1000 watts and 120 volts, respectively. Furthermore, the presence of a security lock system stops the machine from working if not assembled correctly.  

What’s the best part?

The best part is that it is excellent at slicing due to its sharp blades

  • Its blades are composed of stainless steel. 
  • The base is formed of solid metal. 
  • The structure is simple and decent 
  • Enduring and useful 
  • A little bit expensive and heavy weighted. 

Final Verdict

You can easily do your cooking work with the help of this good-quality food processor. Chiefly, it has a fantastic design with various functions for making foods, and it provides flawless results. Thanks to this excellent machine! All of your work will be done in little time.  

6. Cuisinart FP-11SV Elemental Food Processor– Best Food Processor To Buy in Canada

Gear food cutting task with 11 cups big bowl food processor. The Cuisinart Elemental 11-cup Food Processor permits you to mince big pieces of materials fastly.  

Key Features

The power potential is a 550-watt motor to efficiently perform all tasks such as mixing, chopping, etc. It has different attachments such as a scrapping disc, piercing disc, S-blade, and dough blade. No need to worry about cleaning purposes because it has all detachable parts. Even so, it has a broad mouth feed elongated tube and fixes tight encasement. Due to the overall mouth feed tube, it can mix all the stuff altogether. 

What’s the best part? 

This food processor is the client’s favorite due to its 2,000 helpful reviews on Amazon. Its unique feature is light-touch with pulse maintenance.

  • A big feed tube is present 
  • Guarantee of 3 years 
  • Guarantee of 5 years for motor mechanism. 
  • A seal is not fully tight 
  • No proper holding stuff is present 

Final Verdict

It is considered best for blending the dough as it can easily handle the tough stuff because of its incredible energy and wattage. The factor of its wattage is a regulatory factor.  

5. CUISINART Elite Collection Food Processor– Best Food Processor To Buy in Canada

Incorporating the Cuisinart idea of cooking greatness with creative transformation, the Cuisinart food processor marks a line for the upcoming era of kitchen utensils.  

Key Features

The power potential utilized by this machine is almost 1000 watts for executing its functions up to the mark, and it is observed that the operating speed of this machine is more as compared to others. It has a big bowl of 12 cups and a tiny bowl of 4 cups available for measuring. The absolute fix tight seal is made to give the maximum bowl size. It has a fixable six-position cutting disc along with an inconsistent shredding disc. In addition, it comprises electrical light touchpad control with washable Disher parts.  

What’s the best part?

The bowl range is variable, ranging from 4 to 12 cups, so measuring is simple and easy.

  • Guarantee of 10 year  
  • Stainless steel  
  • LED lights 
  • Efficiency is less as compared to other processors. 
  • Difficulty in washing the blade and seal. 

Final Verdict

It is one of the excellent food processing utensils present in the outlet nowadays. You may not believe it, but it indeed possesses the qualities of various food processors in one. However, this product is available at a low price with a good-quality material.  

4. Hamilton Beach 70825  Food Processor– Best Food Processor For Home Use

The Hamilton Beach food processor can do everything from dicing to mixing with mercantile quality execution for the expert home cook. A fixable cutting blade with 14 density settings gives traditional outcomes from pencil-thin pieces to big pieces.  

Key Features

Now stop worrying about cutting stylish slices for the salad because the Hamilton Beach food processor is here, which comprises various blades and a unique dicing blade that cuts homogenous pieces for salad and anything else. The colossal feed tube is found in this food processor; yes, it is correct. The advantage of an enormous line is that you can feed anything, whether big or small, without pre-slicing.

What’s the best part?

 The bowl is made to heap directly on the bottom, and the cover flakes safely to the bowl with a heavy-weight fastened arm.  

  • Understandable task images to annihilate speculation 
  • Simple touch-screen button 
  • A final guarantee of 5 years. 
  • Sufficient energy of 600 watts.  
  • Faces difficulty in cleaning 

Final Verdict

It is one of the finest food processors ever designed with no hard contort. It provides a colorful recipe for your ease.  

3. Cuisinart BFP-703BC Duet Blender/Food Processor– Top Food Processor in Canada

Save your time by using Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor, Brushed Chrome. It is made to meet the kitchen needs very.  

Key Features 

The versatile Cuisinart innovative power blender comprises 7-speed electrical touch screen command and an LED screen to maintain functions easily and suitable. Additionally, it shall consist of 3 cup size attachments that permit a large quantity of cutting work to finish in seconds. It also has a feed tube, various slicing discs, and blades, which function combinedly to reduce your work in a very efficient way.

What’s the best part?

 A sample guide is given for you to see and make without facing any hardships.  

  • Simple to use buttons. 
  • Easily washable parts. 
  • The power potential of 500 watts. 
  • 48 oz blender 
  • Not perfect for big kitchens and huge work.  

Final Verdict

This food processor can perform any task related to mixing or chopping. This mixer helps you in making meals or refreshments in minutes. This fantastic food processor is a lovely companion in the kitchen, which does not allow you but reduces your workload.  

2. SHARDOR 3.5-Cup Food Processor – Best Mini Food Processor

If I say all you need in your kitchen is this food processor, what will be your response? You will surely want this in your kitchen now. This charter food processor is none other than a top but good quality food processor. Let’s see its benefits. 

Key Features 

Good food processors like this help to make yummy foods with a robust 350-watt motor. Additional feet shaft integrates materials for accurate cutting and grating. However, you can quickly put up liquid materials through the hole in the encasement while using it. It has a reversible and twisted blade of stainless steel. This food processor has the capacity of 3 to 5 cups as it is small and light-weighted. You can quickly cook several recipes due to its splendid features.  

What’s the best part?

It is light-weighted therefore it is easy to carry. The best part is that parts are removable and washable.

  • 5 dexterous functions 
  • Guarantee of 2 years 
  • Guarantee of satisfactory service
  • Storage capacity is less due to its mini size. 

Final Verdict

It is an ideal food processor either for mixing or chopping. It will work as a fine helper in your kitchen, which will smoothly do all the work in a very efficient way.  

1. Braun FP3020 Food Processor– Best food processor 2022 Canada

In the series of food processors, the best of the best is here now. Makers have brought a transformed, practically-enhanced version of kitchen utensils. At this time, it is considered the most refined food processor with absolute management over food making.  

Key Features 

It is designed to perform all the processing work such as mixing, chopping, etc. The predetermined speed execution assures instantaneous and satisfactory results without boosting up through all pace. Its close-packed design is easy to handle. Moreover, its unique feature is that it consumes less power with high efficiency. Hence, the power potential of this beautiful utensil is just 600 watts with excellent working quality. 

What’s the best part? 

Buy it now. It’s getting late. The best part is that it is easy to move as it is light-weighted. 

  • Removable parts are easier to wash and wipe 
  • Strong stainless steel-edged blades for effective cutting 
  • Moving it from here and it is quite easy due to low-weight 
  • A little bit Boisterous 
  • Hard to outreach edges 

Final Verdict

It is ranked to be no 1 in the list of 27 food processors of 2022. As well as that, it is a multi-functional food processor with juicer and blender extensions. However, it has a high-functional dough part with several other attachments too. 


On the internet, you can find many food processors, but not all of them are quality processors. Some of them can even not able to fulfill your demands. Because it is difficult to choose which one can work for you for a long-lasting time.  

After a proper search, we have collected a list of the best food processors in Canada, which will help you in the cooking process without any hurdles.

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