How To Make Yourself Pee? Methods And Precautions

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Pee is a natural mechanism of the human body. When your bladder fills up with urine, it will dilate like a balloon. At this point, your brain generates a signal that your bladder limit is exceeding. This brain signal of fullness and demand urges you to pee. But if you’re in unfavorable circumstances and have to pee on the need for some medical procedures. How to make yourself pee in such a situation?    

Naturally, it’s an automated system, and your body knows when to extract the urine. But when you have to force yourself to eliminate urine for medical purposes. Perhaps it’s a condition when you have an obstruction in your urinary tract, and you make yourself forcefully pee. 

There are multiple possible ways to make yourself pee, according to urologists. We will discuss different methods of ‘how to make yourself pee right away,’ the reasons behind when you cannot pee, and when you should see a doctor. 

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Reasons Why You Make Yourself Pee

A person’s body mechanism alters them by producing a signal (heaviness of the bladder) when urination is due. It is an entirely natural process. There are, however, some cases when there is no signal, and you have to pee on demand for some medical tests. 

Some of these scenarios are below when you make yourself pee;

  • Urinalysis to diagnose urinary tract infections or kidney diseases.  
  • Before a urinary ultrasound
  • For drug test 
  • For urine pH level test
  • For a protein urine test
  • For cystoscopy
  • For Red blood cell urine test

Reasons Why You Might Have Trouble Peeing

It is possible to have difficulty urinating due to several factors that can affect the natural process of peeing. When you cannot pee comfortably, you feel like your mind is in an unfavorable condition. And this also affects the daily routine work of your life. 

Here are some reasons why you might face trouble peeing;

  • The use of harmful drugs like cocaine may affect the urinary system of your body
  • When you reduce the consumption of water, you are dehydrated. 
  • Kidney stones towards the obstruction of the urinary tract.
  • Some urinary tract infections also disturb the normal process of peeing. 
  • Nevers problems that control the bladder. 
  • Specific use of medications may be the reason for discomfort in urination.  

Different Methods To Make Yourself Pee

Some urologists offer multiple ways that help you to make the urination process smooth. People with minor problems with peeing can solve their problems by drinking plenty of water; however if you still have difficulty urinating after using specific prescribed methods by a urologist. You should seek medical attention on an urgent basis to avoid further health problems. 

Here are different ways to eliminate the pee from your bladder; 

  • The first home remedy to smoothen the peeing process is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water or more according to your needs. 
  • Turn on the bathroom faucet as the sound of water stimulates peeing. 
  • Gently massage the inner side of the leg (inner thigh) with your hand palm. It will help to induce the need for urination. 
  • According to medical experts, sit or put your hand in the hot water tub. This process will ease the pelvic floor muscles of your body and allow you to pee easily. 
  • Enhance the intake of diuretics either in solid or liquid form. Diuretics have the quality to eliminate the water from your body. 
  • Try to reduce your anxiety level and manage stress by doing some basic relaxation techniques. 
  • Make a habit of exercising and walking in your daily routine. Exercise and walk for a while, making urination easy. 

When Should To Consult With A Doctor?

The condition in which you are having difficulty peeing multiple times a day, despite all the efforts and remedies you have tried. It would be best if you rushed to seek a medical professional (urologist) to know the underlying cause of this trouble. 

It is hazardous to leave out the urinary problem as it can be a leading cause of kidney damage. Thus, if you have urinary problems, you should have them treated as soon as possible to avoid more infections and discomfort. 

When you are unable to pee easily, there can be multiple reasons involved. Maybe you are suffering from some urinary tract infection or disease. The urologist will examine your condition and prescribe you the best possible treatment according to your situation. The doctor might recommend an ultrasound to find the root cause of the disease. Afterward, they will prescribe the medicine or treatment that will enable you to urinate without difficulty.  

Why Do I Pee Immediately After Drinking Water?

Water is an integral part of our lives and plays a vital role in maintaining our healthy lifestyles. When you drink water, it carries oxygen and nutrients and also plays a primary role in lubricating the joints. 

Although every person’s water consumption level differs from the others, medical experts say it should be ideal to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. However, drinking more water and fluids can enhance the load on your bladder and make you inconvenient. 

People often get irritated and ask, ‘why do I pee so much when I drink the water .’Drinking more fluid or water boosts the demand for peeing because your bladder has a limit to holding a specific amount of urine. 

If you have no medical reason to take more water or your kidney is functioning normally. You can drink a suitable amount of water. Intake of so much water can enhance the chance of more trips to the washroom. One of the reasons behind the immediate feeling of peeing after drinking water is an overactive bladder. The prime cause of overactive bladder is the excessive intake of caffeine. 

Remember one thing: taking a smaller amount of water than the recommended level may affect the normal functioning of different organs. So it is better to consult a doctor to know the suitable amount of water for your body.

How To Make Yourself Pee Fast After Drinking Water?

Whenever you drink plenty of water, it will automatically fasten the process of urination. There is a limit to the human bladder to hold and store urine. After drinking water, if you are hydrated, it will take a few minutes to make yourself pee. There are multiple ways to make yourself pee faster after drinking water; some of them are mentioned below 
-Do walk for a while
-Smell Peppermint Oil
-Put your hand in Coldwater
-Interact with cold weather  
-Gently Rub hands on thighs 

How Long Does It Take For Water To Become Urine?

Every individual has a different digestion process for water. First, water enters your stomach. Then it enters your small intestine after you consume it. Water from the small intestine is almost completely absorbed into the bloodstream if you take enough water throughout the day and are correctly hydrated. And when you consume water and have a full bladder, you will need to go to the bathroom to pee after 10 to 15 minutes.

Final Verdict 

Peeing is a natural process of removing extra salt and water from the body. It gives you comfort when you make your bladder empty. But sometimes, due to some unfavorable circumstances, you might feel an obstacle in urination. The trouble with urination makes you uncomfortable and can also affect your daily routine. Take more fluids and try to keep yourself hydrated. Use the home remedies the urologist prescribes if you’re having difficulty peeing. Consult with your doctor when having a continuous urination problem to find and treat the root cause of the problem. 

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