Best Rowing Machine To Buy In Canada In 2024

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No need to worry if you can’t go to the gym in this pandemic time. Hence there are different ways to work out and keep yourself fit. 

Is it possible to maintain your body fitness without getting tired and exhausted? 

Yes, thanks to the rowing machine. 

You cannot just lose your weight but also shape your body with this low-impact machine. 

The best part? 

They are considered to be perfect for maintaining physique and fitness. 

However, this rowing machine makes the most of your workout by utilizing the main muscles without laying weight on your body parts. 

Moreover, Rowing is a minor impact exercise that helps you maintain your posture as you start building muscles. 

Furthermore, you can find different rowing machines available in the market, but the best one for you is according to your fitness goals. 

However, some people too are frustrated with their daily routine, so they want to try something new. So, this is for them also. 

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What Factors To Consider Before Buying A Rowing Machine In Canada? Your Beginner’s Guide

Every rowing machine has its specific features and characteristics, which you may need to go through before buying. Thus, it is your choice to buy a portable rowing machine, water rowing machine, or static rowing machine. 

Hence, when you go through them, you will find both cheap and expensive rowing machines. 

Some people suggest that you should try that rowing machine at the gym before buying it. So you can know whether it suits you or not. 

Well, what do you think? What things do you need to consider before buying a rowing machine in Canada whether you live in Edmonton or in Calgary or in any other part of Canada? 

You may be thinking about it…

So there are a number of factors you need to consider before buying a good rowing machine in Canada. There are different aspects to see that these things are important and should be considered.

1. Level of sound

Sound level is fundamental to consider that it should not cause disturbance to you or others. 

Hence, there are levels of sound so you can adjust it according to your needs because there are many people who enjoy light music while exercising. 

Moreover, it is seen that music helps in exercising by boosting your stamina and energy levels. People play music while exercising as it relaxes the body and mind. 

2. Relaxable seat

If the seat of the rowing machine is relaxable you can exercise for a long time. However, You should be comfortable while doing the exercise as it is essential to be in a relaxed state of mind. 

If you get busy adjusting your seat, then how you will focus on exercise? So this factor is significant and should be noted before buying.

3. Removable parts

A rowing machine is considered best with removable parts because if any part breaks down, you can replace it easily. 

However, It isn’t easy to fix it perfectly like a pro, so replaceable parts are considered better. 

So consider buying a rowing machine with detachable parts instead of fixed parts. 

4. Fixed screen location

There are rowing machines available with a bigger screen so you can see exercises right on the net.

Moreover, If the screen is at the height of your eye, then you won’t have to move your neck again and again. These are the things that matter a lot because there are some machines in which the screen is not placed according to your height then there is a lot of disturbance. Not anything else, but it loses your focus from exercise.

5. Adjustable Foot Belt

The straps of the rowing machine should be flexible enough that your feet fix in it perfectly.

furthermore, You have to check it before buying because sometimes the foot size doesn’t adjust into it. 

Foot size adjusting somewhere sounds different but it is a point. 

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Top 9 Rowing Machines To Buy In Canada In 2024

Here is the list of the top 10 rowing machines with a detailed guide.

9. NordicTrack RW900Best Rowing Machine With A Brighter Screen Display Canada

NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine is a dynamic machine that brings a large number of exercises for you people. These exercises are fun for you, and you will enjoy them.  

So are you ready to try different challenging workouts? 

Key Features

This machine has many unique and surprising features. Let’s discuss some of them.

Most importantly, It has a live-resistance phenomenon that aids you in preventing you from leveling off during exercise. 

Moreover, the rower comprises a steel base rail, a cushy-formed seat, adjustable revolving pedals, a feet belt, a row lock, and leading seating wheels to move here and there. 

No doubt, This machine computes 7 feet, 3 inches long and 1 foot, 10 inches wide. It has a movable neck suitable for all heights persons and Storey exercises. 

  • Big and brighter screen display
  • It provides you the opportunity to see an extensive collection of starter, mediator and leading exercises.
  • It shows your heart rate during exercise
  • Fold it when not in use.
  • Regulate the defiance level according to the atmospheric and water conditions for open air exercise.
  • A little bit expensive

Final Verdict

The RW 900 is the Nordic track’s powerful rowing machine. However, it keeps you busy and has fun for you.

Moreover, It is expensive, but it provides you the opportunity to do advanced levels of workouts. 

Hence, You will notice that it is giving you daily motivation to be regular. 

8. Serene Life HomeExcellent Quality Rowing Machine Canada

Is this machine worthwhile to buy? 

Serene Life Home Rowing Machine is a comfortable retractable rowing machine excellent for home gyming. It is solid and hard-wearing in its relief of functioning and use. 

Key Features

It is composed of steel metal and mechanical abdominal muscles. 

However, This rowing machine is of superior quality and tough enough to bear weight up to 250lb. 

Moreover, this machine also has the option of increasing or decreasing ten resistance levels, and it is convenient for all size persons. You can quickly move its display panel in any direction without changing your location. 

Thus, the seat of the rowing machine is flattened and stuffed for maximum comfort. 

  • Top notch quality and long-lasting
  • Tight hand holder for a strong grip
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Auto turn off battery saver for saving battery
  • Double rail system for enhanced firmness.
  • No light bulb on the meter
  • No Hr chest fasten 

Final Verdict

It is considered to be a perfect machine for body workout and toning of muscles. Moreover, The display meter shows you all the exercise bars including heart rate. However,  it is available in the market at a very reasonable price with air and irresistible resistance. 

7. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050-Stroke Motion Massage Chair Canada

This classical rowing machine will make you look smarter and fit. so you can have parties and enjoy yourself as much as you want. 

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 is found to be one of the best rowers for starters and learners. This rower machine has some exceptional specifications and it is found to be a little different from others. 

Key Features

The functioning of this machine is somewhat different like it works on a hydraulic system.

Moreover, You can regulate its 12 levels of resistance by rotating the knob. 

Well, it is composed of two rowing arms and gives quality strokes with a wide range of motion. 

Most importantly, the theory behind this is that the longer the motion, the more is the triggering of muscles. 

The Lcd display updates you about the relevant information such as total strokes, loss of calories, session time, etc. 

Hence, it is made up of a steel frame and pivot beam with a gas shock defiance. 

  • Quiet simple but easy to use
  • Wide range of stroke motions
  • Simple assemblage
  • Easy to fold when ever not is use
  • Seat is a little bit slippery
  • Found to be boisterous

Final Verdict

It is one of the best rower machines available at a low price. However, It is convenient for regular exercise and medium-weight persons.

Furthermore, It is considered excellent for people having less space at home. 

6. Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine– Big Screen Display Canada

Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine are a first-class rowing machine with ample space, LCD, and side rail made up of aluminum. 

However, It permits you to do the exercise in the quietness of your home. 

Key Features

It has a smooth relaxable seat designed for long-term exercise purposes.

Moreover, the 12 levels of regulatable resistance permit you to dare yourself to complete your fitness tasks.

However,  It also has floor stability, stuffed grips, and a big buffered seat. 

It possesses a big screen which displays everything better. 

Furthermore, the rower facilitates you with a low-impact and cardio-vascular exercise.

Hence,  You can easily see your movements and heart rate on the screen. Basically, it shows you your progress and how much you are working. 

  • Big screen display 
  • Made up of movable wheels for easy mobility
  • Regulatable foot straps. 
  • Availability of handlebars for a tight grip
  • Little expensive
  • Seat size uncomfortable

Final Verdict

This rowing machine will introduce you to a challenging environment. Thus, It will provide you with a gym at your home. 

Hence whenever you are free to do the exercise, fold it as it is easy to keep by folding. 

5. DMASUN Foldable Indoor RowerBest Rowing Machine With Enjoyable Padded Seat Canada

Are you going to buy it for your home gym? 

For concentrating on your health, DMASUN Foldable Indoor Rower is an entirely healthy lifestyle apparatus for home gyming. 

It is somewhat based on new technology ideas, exploration, and production. 

Key Features

It is an ideal choice for maintaining yourself through workouts. 

Moreover, this rowing machine comprises 16 levels of defiance and cord drive phenomenon, firm steel composition which makes sure steady and no loud sound, versatile display, etc. 

Furthermore, It has the presence of a dual-functional monitor, which updates you about your cardiac rhythm, weight loss, and many other things. However, it has a bevelled pedal convenient for various feet so that a person can concentrate on exercise without any disturbance. 

Hence, you will also be able to enjoy the facility of anti-slip handles with a sizeable cushy seat. 

  • Big and enjoyable padded seat
  • Anti-slip handles
  • Movable wheels are simple to move
  • Close-packed for easy storing
  • A little bit heavy.

Final Verdict

It is the most delicate rowing machine for home exercise. Well, You can maintain your figure by using this classical rowing machine and you will find the fitness techniques and procedures that are perfect for you. 

4. Concept2 Model D – Best Indoor Rowing Machine Canada

So are you going to buy it? Let’s decide after knowing it. 

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine has built a level for rowing machines coming in due to its unique specifications. 

Moreover, This rowing machine is designed so that any age person can use it.

Key features

It is considered to be one of the best-selling rowers in the world. It is constructed efficiently by reducing its noise and generating a standard sound. 

Moreover, It has a heightened seat of metallic material with a regulatable arm. However, it comprises a regulatable footstool and comfortable handle. 

The best feature is that you can easily divide it into two pieces for storage. 

No doubt, It has a stuffed padded seat so that you won’t get any lumbar pain or aches. 

You may have not heard before about its amazing feature called flywheel that helps in fast rowing motions.  

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Flat rowing motions
  • 5 years warranty
  • Error free functioning monitor
  • Handles are not tight 

Final Verdict

It is the highest quality level rowing machine used for working out and burning calories. Moreover, It seems to be a dependable rowing machine, perfect for use. You should order it now before it gets late. 

3. Dripex Magnetic– Relaxable Seat Rowing Machine Canada

Now you don’t have to go to the gym anymore for workouts. We are here to introduce the Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine, which is designed for your ease. So you can easily do all your exercises in the area of your home. 

Key features

It is made up of a rigid aluminium gearwheel and slide rail. It has a magnetic tension phenomenon that gives an energetic workout.

Furthermore, it not only has its extraordinary construction crafts but side by side side-fitted design-in process. 

However, this phenomenon provides a simple, more relaxed workout without disturbing anyone. 

It’s the best feature is that you can easily move it here and there when required. 

Moreover, the versatile LCD display shows you all the complete data about your exercise routine. 

The dripex magnetic rowing machine gives you a guarantee of almost five years. 

  • Relaxable seat
  • Guaranteed and quality product
  • Not reliable

Final Verdict

It seemed to be a perfect choice for starters. As they are in the learning phase, this rower machine will teach the person about different exercises and their importance. 

2. Sunny health And fitness Rower– Best Rowing Machine For Maintaining Your Posture In Canada

If you search for a rowing machine that suits your fitness level, exercise, and finances, this is a perfect choice. 

Sunny Health And Fitness will not just help you in maintaining your fitness but your posture too.

Key Features

This machine system works on hydraulic resistance with an LCD. It also has foot-pedals with comfortable stuffed seats. 

However, It has a folded design with safe pedals and regulatable fasteners. 

Moreover, Due to its unique features, you will be able to enjoy the exercise more. 

It is designed with a maximum efficiency level for more output. 

Furthermore, you can change its resistance according to the need that is required. 

Many tall people worry that they can’t try rowers because of their long height. You don’t need to worry! Whether you are too long or too short, this rowing machine is for every height person. 

  • Excellent productivity level that charge less
  • Availability of options of different resistance levels
  • Convenient for every height person
  • Seat is not movable

Final Verdict

It will support you in fulfilling your dreams of fitness and becoming competent. Furthermore, the arms’ whole movement will help you burn more and more calories, enhancing your strength by stimulating the muscles of the shoulders and arms. 

1. Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Rower– Best Rowing Machine To Buy In Canada

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine is one of the recommended rowing machines which you can buy for your home exercise. 

Key Features

This rowing machine has some amazing features which you will surely love to listen to. First of all, it is a 14 standard magnetic resistance for strenuous workouts. 

Front stabilizers permit you to try extra exercises such as bent over, shoulder presses, and many others. 

Moreover, The stuffed seat is so comfortable that you can easily do the exercise. 

And you can easily monitor your moves and calories loss on the big LCD screen. 

Furthermore, there is an option of Bluetooth to connect while exercising. 

  • Magnetic tension resistance
  • Stuffed seat
  • Big LCD screen
  • high-cost

Final Verdict

It is available in the market at a very reasonable price that anyone can buy. If you want further information related to it, you can check its website. 

Editors choice:

In our opinion, the product no one, the Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine, is considered the best in selling, features, and specifications. We have explained the details about this product above, so you can quickly check it. Hence, it is ultimately your choice to buy this or any product. 


All the information related to the best rowers available in Canada in 2024 is here for your guidance and you can buy these products from any part of Canada like Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, or any other part of Canada. All the rowing machines are exceptionally well with their specifications and features. There are some pros and cons of each rowing machine and from which you can identify which will be best for you. 

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