What Is An S/P Medical Abbreviation? A Super In-Depth Guide

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The “s/p” medical abbreviation is typically used in medical records to indicate that a patient has had surgery and a previous procedure. However, nowadays the use of this term is getting reduced because s/p can stand for so many different medical terms and is even confused with p s medical abbreviation or p/s medical abbreviation. 

What Does s/p Medical Abbreviation Mean?

The abbreviation “s/p” traditionally stands for “status post.” It is used to refer to patients who have undergone surgery, as well as any other procedures or interventions. The abbreviation may also be followed by additional text that specifies the type of procedure done or intervention made, such as “fracture,” “colonoscopy,” or “lumbar laminectomy.”

In the United States, much confusion exists between the abbreviation “s/p” and “sp.”While both are used in medical records to indicate a patient’s history of surgery, an older meaning for s/p is recovery/partial recovery. This is no longer recommended or used by health professionals in order to avoid confusion. So when it comes to finding the answer, “What does s/p mean in nursing?” or “What does s/p mean medical)?”, we end up with many ambiguous answers. 

What Are Some Possible Meanings Of s/p Medical Abbreviation? 

An S/P is an abbreviation that usually means Status Post as we have already discussed. It can also mean “from the sacral spine” and can refer to the lowest vertebra of the spine, L5.

An S/P could also mean an abbreviation that stands for the posterior superior iliac spine. This is a medical term that signifies the posterior surface of the iliac bone on each side of the pelvis.

The word “s/p” is also short for “side and post”, which are abbreviations for the words “side” and “post.” This term is generally used when describing a medical procedure or diagnosis.

S/P medical abbreviation is a short form of the words “side” and “post”. The term is used to describe a medical procedure or diagnosis.

An S/P abbreviation also stands for side, post-operative treatment in relation to surgery. It typically refers to postsurgery care that may last several weeks up to months, but it can also refer to surgical procedures on one side of the body with problems on an opposite site

What Confusion Exists Between p/s and s/p Medical Abbreviations? 

The symbols “p/s” and “s/p” are often used in medical practices and nursing. They are mostly seen on prescriptions, medical records, and lab results.

P/S: “Pursuant to the recent change to the prescription law, please note that the abbreviation “p/s” is now acceptable on prescriptions as an alternative abbreviation for “prescribing physician”. Thus it may be written with or without a slash between the letters.” So we can also call it P s medical abbreviation. In terms of ambulatory status and the requirement for care, the PS defines the current state of symptoms and functions.

S/P: “Some abbreviations in medical practice are interpreted differently by different people. One common misreading of “s/p” is that it stands for “sequence of procedures”, “Status Post” and some others.

We hope you have now grabbed the idea of the s/p medical abbreviation and p/s medical abbreviation and their differences.

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