Best Walk-in Clinic In Huronia

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Huronia is a geographic region of southern Ontario, Canada that largely co-relates to the countries of Simcoe and grey. 

However, Walk-in clinics in Huronia have altered the methodology of Medicare services. Furthermore, they provide special care to patients and treat them kind-heartedly. 

Moreover, People are busy with their routines but the walk-in clinics are playing their role by counseling them that they should take care of their health to keep themselves healthy. 

Whereas, Huronia walk-in clinics come up with a remarkable solution to treat the patient without making them consume much time at the clinic. 

No doubt, Walk-in clinics in Huronia are growing day by day just to provide the best remedy and cure to the people. 

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Walk-in Clinics In Huronia

We are here to update you about the top 1 best walk-in clinic situated in Huronia nowadays. 

If you live in Huronia, you must know about it. 

1. Huronia Urgent Care Clinic

The Huronia Urgent Care Clinic has been providing services to Barrie and its citizens for about 20 years. Moreover, they give the instant care suggested by physicians with urgent medication experience with deadly menacing wounds. 

Furthermore, the services offered by Huronia urgent care clinic are all minor treatments, eye wounds, sports wounds, sprain treatments, vaccination and immunization, lab tests, and driver’s medical. 

Final Verdict

They are fully armed to give medical awareness and attention to patients of all age groups either looking at them physically or virtually. 

Working hours

  • Mon to Fri: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Sat: 9:00 am-2:00 pm
  • Sun: Closed

Contact info


  • 480 Huronia Road #102 Barrie, Ontario


During COVID-19 times, Huronia Urgent Care walk-in clinic struggled hard to provide the best health care services side by side dealing with COVID patients. 

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