Top 3 Affordable Glenridge Walk-in Clinics

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Are you looking to find the best health care facility in Glenridge near your location? Well, it is every person’s priority to find the best health care clinic just a few distances apart. That’s why we are assisting you in this regard.

For the growing community of Glenridge walk-in clinics in Ontario is becoming a necessity. Most importantly, these Glenridge walk-in clinics are serving humanity for health promotion. If you are still wondering how to find the best walk-in clinic in Glenridge, then get a comprehensive guide about all clinics that will provide you with both quality and inexpensive treatment in a single deal. Finally, Now you don’t need to travel to the next city when you find all the health facilities at Glenridge. 

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Explore Best Walk Glenridge Walk in Clinics

Although there are many walk-in clinics in Glenridge, here you will get to know about top-visited Glenridge walk-in clinics.

1. Pelham Urgent Care

In Ontario, Canada, Pelham urgent care is equipped with the best health care professionals experienced to provide emergency and immediate treatment to all patients. The foremost duty of our Glenridge walk-in clinic, St Catharines, is to consult patients regarding their illness and then give them quality treatment after a proper search.

Moreover, the most appreciating quality of pelham clinic is to keep in view the importance of time. That’s why they are trying their best to provide prompt and timeless care to patients. They maintain long-lasting relations with them.

Final Verdict

One factor to notice is that they are not dealing with appointments to get doctors’ consultation on a first-come and first-serve basis. Sometimes, this walk-in clinic has to stop registration for more patients when their slot is filled. That’s why you are advised to timely visit this quality clinic. 

Check-in Hour

  • Monday – Thursday 8 AM -8 PM
  • Friday 8 AM- 2 PM
  • Sunday          2 PM closed 

Contact Info


  • 245 Pelham Road Suite 202 St Catharines ON L2S 1X8

2. Glenridge Walk-in Clinic

The best factor that patients have experienced at Glenridge walk-in clinic in Canada is the quick response of both receptionists and doctors. Meanwhile, all the staff is amicable when it comes to the Consultation of patients.

The pharmacy next door is just benevolent for patients, and you don’t need to go anywhere. Furthermore, just because of the staff’s friendly service, their patients regularly feel comfortable visiting Glenridge walk-in clinic.

Final Verdict

The only problem is that you have to wait for proper treatment because they will not prescribe you medicine immediately, which is also an appreciable factor if you are not in a hurry.

Check-in Hours

  • Monday-Thursday 9 AM- 3: 30PM
  • Friday 9 AM- 4 PM
  • Sat- sun  9AM- 2PM

Contact Info

Phone: +1 289-362-5333


  • 209 Glenridge Ave, St Catharines, ON

3. Vital Care Pharmacy

Vital care pharmacy is also performing duty like a walk-in clinic. Pharmaceutical professionals guarantee the prescription is properly given and the medicine and dose are right to get optimum advantages from your medications. You will understand your medicine, how it is recommended, what adverse effects, and how it may be kept.

Final Verdict

If you will visit this clinic, your pharmacist will help you in all matters of health. Moreover, all counseling and treatment are done personally and professionally, and most services are offered free of charge and do not usually require a consultation.

Check-in Hours

  • Monday – Friday 9 AM – 7 PM
  • Saturday 9 AM – 2 PM
  • Sunday closed

Contact Info


  • 110-1550 14th Ave, Regina, (Saskatchewan), S4P 0W6

Important words

Although hospitals can serve humanity much more, for regular and daily check-ups, walk-in clinics are safer. Therefore, save your time and visit walk-in clinics for a better experience which is more advisable in days of the pandemic.

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